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Winter Cabin - New Short Film Coming Soon

Winter Cabin poster

Winter Cabin is a short film about a couple struggling to survive after a devastating war. While they are trying to find food and figuring out how to survive, they are forced to face even more difficult decisions.

It is the first film I have written, produced, and starred in. It is currently in post-production and it is our absolute privilege to have Director Michael Huntsman, D.P. Sam Schmitz, and Actor Bernard White on board with us. It has been a fascinating journey! We are also raising funds via IndieGoGo currently to complete the film. If you also like to help out, please click the picture below to donate and support:

Click here to support:

Once finished, Winter Cabin will be premiered at AMAW 2nd Annual Film Festival on April 19th at The Producer's Club located in Midtown Manhattan. For more information and tickets, please referred to the website below:

AMAW NY 2nd Film Festival

Hope to see you all there!

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